Yeadon & Rawdon Neighbourhood Watch Association

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Know Your Neighbours

Do you know your neighbours? Do they know you? Good neighbours usually know the habits of the people around them and if they see something out of place can be the first people to raise the alarm. This not only applies to criminal activity but to health issues as well. An elderly person not seen for a few days could mean they are collapsed in their house unable to summon help. This is not being nosey, it's being concerned.

Love Thy Neighbour - Or not

The Law doesn't say you have to love your neighbour. What it does say is your neighbour has the right to live in peace without fear, harassment or intimidation. If you think you are the victim of abuse report it. The West Yorkshire Police take such crimes very seriously and you will receive the help you need.

Contact the police on 0845 6060606

Get your friends and family to watch

Are your friends and family in a neighbourhood watch scheme? If not why not persuade them to join or start a scheme in their area? NW schemes not only reduce crime, they give peace of mind.

If they want to know how to start a scheme they can come to one of our meetings for advice; or if they don't live locally they should contact their local police for information on how to go about setting up a scheme. Some schemes (like ours) provide information on the web so they can Google "neighbourhood watch" and see if there are any local NW associations like YARN in their area.

Recommending a Neighbourhood Watch could be the best advice you ever give them.