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Signs that may indicate you are being hacked.

Has your computer been hacked?

Hacking is getting more sophisticated and more mercenary orientated. To this end, hacking is becoming just not a one off to steal your information and lock your computer, but for malware to sit on your computer noting what you do and reporting back to the hackers.

There are 12 signs that may indicate you are being hacked.

1. You cannot get administrative access on your computer.

2. Your internet searches keep getting redirected

3. A file is unexpectedly corrupted or fails to open.

4. Your passwords have been changed.

5. People in your address book get spam emails from you

6. Programs open momemtarily then close, so you cannot use them

7. A file has unexpectedly disappeared

8. You find new programs that you did not install.

9. Your PC keeps connecting to the internet – even when you are not using it.

10. Your printer prints pages that you did not ask it to.

11. Your browser's home page changes and extra toolbars appear. (This is common when you download a new program so if you have not done so then chances are someone else has)

12. Your security and malware scanners will not run.
(If this happens then you need to install another scanner to take action)

What do you do?

Ensure your antivirus is up to date.
Perform a deep scan with your antivirus and any malware scanners you have.
If the problem still exists you need to back up all your data on your computer to a stick.

Restore your computer to factory settings and reinstall all your programs.
Do you know what all your essential programs are?